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Heavy Metal Wanaka #3

This week we feature an interview with Alex Erian from Despised Icon: the band has reunited and has a new album coming out July 22nd.
Despised Icon: http://www.despisedicon.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/despisedicon/
On top the interview and the wicked music we feature, I talk about recent releases in mobile gaming: http://ironmaidenlegacy.com/ & http://heavymetaltennis.com/ (I take a small measure of mirth from not mentioning the big player in this arena this week: Can't report them all.)

Here's the facebook page of the new, more or less local, music shop  opening this week over in Frankton: https://www.facebook.com/mayamusicnz/

TWILIGHT FORCE- Battle of Arcane Magic [youtube]
FREEDOM CALL- Hammer of the Gods [youtube]
BARBARIAN- Absolute Metal
DESPISED ICON- The Sunset will never charm us (live)
**Alex Erian (Despised Icon) Interview**
DESPISED ICON- The Aftermath
BIG BUSINESS- Diagnostic Front
GOJIRA- Low Lands [youtube]
ASPHALT GRAVES- No Feast (without cruelty)
DEFILED- Towards inevitable ruin
RENDERED HELPLESS- Pulverised Civilian Casualties (NZ) [facebook, bandcamp]
WINTERBORN- Rolling Thunder (NZ) [facebook, bandcamp]
HIDDEN INTENT- Apocalypse Now [NZ tour facebook event (Welli), Auckland show]
ILL DISPOSED- In Light of the Moon
MEPHISTOPHELES- The 11th Skywalk Travel Stream
VANNA- Circle the Flame
FIRESPAWN- All Hail [youtube]
ABHOMINE- Crown of Flies.

[caption id="attachment_470" align="alignnone" width="669"]20160712_080323 This podcast is recorded in Wanaka, NZ. Saw this outside the window one morning, camera on my phone fails to capture the full spectrum of colour but you get the idea[/caption]



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